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The Digi-Belt™ tension measurement tool is easy to use and gives repeatable belt tension measurements. The easy to follow instructions define the procedure for different belted applications. All you need is the force deflection values for the system you are working on. These values are readily available from your belt and machine manufacturers.

The perfect solution for a variety of belt configurations:

• Single Belt

• Wide Belt

• Multi-Belt

• Timing Belts

• Flat Belts

The Digi-Belt-XF-3000 System Includes:

•  1-BT-357D: Digital Belt Tension Tester

•  1-BT-DSS-150: Deflection Span Scale

•  1-BT-ORS-25: Span Scale O-Ring

•  1-BT-357: B.A.T. Laser Magnetic Angle    Brackets

•  1-BT-P24: Steel Magnet Adapter Plates

•  1-BT-WB1: 2” Wide Belt Adapter

•  1-BT-WB2: 3” Wide Belt Adapter

•  1-BT-WB3: 4” Wide Belt Adapter

•  1-BT-TM-6: 6 Foot Tape Measure

•  1-BT-WC1: USB Charger

•  1-BT-CA1: Charger Cable

•  1-BT-COC1: Certificate of Calibration

•  1-BT-IRC: Impact Resistant Carry Case

•  1-BT-IS1: Instruction Sheet


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