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Updated: Jul 27

Your equipment’s belts and pulleys are at the foundation of your business.

Making sure they’re working in proper alignment as part of your preventative maintenance procedures is a critical component of your company’s efficiency and success. The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® allows you to easily identify problem spots and make adjustments to belts and pulleys, saving you time and preventing future problems.

The importance of the belt and pulley system cannot be overstated. It all starts with the pulley. Misalignment will often lead to belt failure, as well as problems with bearings and seals. When seals are damaged, you’re likely to have lubrication issues – which will continue until the pulley is aligned.

A seal replacement will provide only temporary relief, as the ongoing misalignment will continue to cause seal failure – which will increase machine repair costs and downtime.

Enter the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool®.

Its dual crossfire lasers allow the operator to easily view small but important misalignments that cannot be seen with the human eye or string alignment methods. Unlike single-laser alignment tools, the B.A.T.’s two green laser lines make detecting the misalignment an error-free process.

Once you have proper alignment, you can take the following measures to get the most out of your belts:

  1. Select premium belts over general-purpose varieties

  2. Use vibration dampening on your belt drive

  3. Replace worn sheaves and sprockets to keep them in alignment

  4. Re-tension new belts within 24 hours of use

To learn more about a free trial of the B.A.T., contact us to see how we can help you make sure your equipment is properly aligned and working to its maximum capacity.


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