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Announcing the NEW BAT-TR-12C Combination Belt & Shaft Alignment Trainer. The new trainer features – black anodized aluminum construction, robust design, horizontal adjuster knobs, vertical adjuster knobs, auto slide base return, dual shaft brake knobs, dual movable shafts, sleeve and ball bearing training modes. Simulates a real machine alignment, making the laser alignment training process fast, easy, and effective.


  1. 2 Horizontal Adjustment Knobs

  2. 4 Vertical Adjustment Knobs

  3. 9.5″ tall bearing mounted posts

  4. Dual spring return slide base

  5. 4 Flange roller bearings

  6. 2-1″ chromed sliding shafts

  7. Shaft Brakes

  8. 2 different sized pulleys

  9. Simulates a real belt driven machine

  10. Simulates actual field belt alignments

  11. Durable Flat Black Anodized Finish

  12. 4 swivel base feet

  13. Lifetime workmanship warranty

Spec Size: 8″W x 25″L x 11.5″H

Weight: 42 lbs.


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