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Updated: Jul 27

Businesses in any number of industries could benefit from using the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool to solve their machinery’s alignment issues.

As long as your business deals with belt-driven equipment – whether you’re in the HVAC, energy, utility, food and beverage, and mining industries – the B.A.T. can help you get your machinery up and running smoothly and efficiently 75% faster than other alignment methods.

Belt drives are often selected because they are an affordable option that smoothly and effectively transmit power, even between shafts that are a significant distance from each other.

However, belt drives are susceptible to problems such as stretching, uneven wear and slipping, as well as excessive heat, noise and vibration – particularly when the shafts and sheaves are not properly aligned.

Enter the B.A.T.

Whereas single-laser solutions require the user to switch the laser and targets back and forth as you attempt to get it in alignment, the B.A.T. is a dual-laser tool that solves different types of misalignment – parallel, vertical angular, horizontal angular and compound – up to 75% faster. This capability means your machines get up and running much more quickly, reducing downtime.

Contact us to request a demo and learn about getting a free, two-week trial and discover how the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool may be able to help you save money and downtime.


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